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Measures of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a systematic review of psychometric properties

Griffith, K. A., Merkies, I. S., Hill, E. E., and Cornblath, D. R.
Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) remains the principal dose-limiting toxicity of many agents. This systematic review evaluates available CIPN measures and provides rationale for selection of measures in this field. Searches of Medline (1966-2010), CINAHL (1966-2010), Embase (1966-2010), and Cochrane (1988-2010) databases were performed. To be selected, studies had to include (1) subjects receiving peripheral neurotoxic chemotherapy for cancer and (2) a primary purpose of psychometric evaluation of CIPN measures. A modified Quality of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies (QUADAS) tool coded psychometric study quality, with 0-7 score overall possible (higher score indicating better quality). A total of 15 studies qualified for evaluation. Overall studies were of moderate quality, with 10 of 15 receiving a 4-5 QUADAS score. Averaged quality scores for two repeatedly studied measures, Total Neuropathy Score (TNS) versions and Functional Assessment of Cancer-Gynecologic Oncology Group, neurotoxicity (FACT/GOG-Ntx), were 5.4 and 4.5, respectively. Two measures emerged as potentially useful for clinical trials and patient care. The FACT/GOG-Ntx is a subjective measure of CIPN-related quality of life (QoL). TNS clinical versions incorporate both subjective measures and objective examinations of nerve function. However, to improve QUADAS scoring, additional research is needed focusing on other psychometric aspects such as responsiveness of CIPN outcome measures.
J Peripher Nerv Syst
1529-8027 (Electronic)
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Biological and physiological variables:
Biological and physiological variables
Symptom status:
Physical state
Functional status:
Physical functioning
Adults (18-65)
Children (0-18)
Seniors (65+)
Diseases of and symptoms related to the nervous system
PRO / non-PRO:
Non-patient Reported Outcome
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
6 - Clinical rating scales
9 - Laboratory tests
Ajani grading scale
ECOG - Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Grading System
EORTC QLQ-C30 - European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaires Core-30 item (ALSO shortened version)   
FACT/GOG-Ntx - Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy/Gynecologic Oncology Group-Neurotoxicity
FACT/GOG-Taxane - Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy/Gynecologic Oncology Group-Taxane   
mTNS - modified Total Neuropathy Score
NCI-CTC - National Cancer Institute - Common Toxicity Criteria
PNQ - Patient Neurotoxicity Questionnaire
PNS - Peripheral Neuropathy Scale
QST - Quantitative Sensory Testing
SCIN - Scale for Chemotherapy-Induced Long Term Neurotoxicity
TNSc - Total Neuropathy Score-clinical
TNSr - Total Neuropathy Score-reduced
TNS - Total Neuropathy Score
WHO - World Health Organization Grading System