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Evidence-based review of subjective pediatric sleep measures

Lewandowski, A. S., Toliver-Sokol, M., and Palermo, T. M.
OBJECTIVE: This manuscript provides an evidence-based psychometric review of parent and child-report pediatric sleep measures using criteria developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 54 Evidence-Based Assessment (EBA) Task Force.

METHODS: Twenty-one measures were reviewed: four measures of daytime sleepiness, four measures of sleep habits/hygiene, two measures assessing sleep-related attitudes/cognitions, five measures of sleep initiation/maintenance, and six multidimensional sleep measures.

RESULTS: Six of the 21 measures met "well-established" evidence-based assessment criteria. An additional eight measures were rated as "approaching well-established" and seven were rated as "promising."

CONCLUSIONS: Overall, the multidimensional sleep measures received the highest ratings. Strengths and weaknesses of the measures are described. Recommendations for future pediatric sleep assessment are presented including further validation of measures, use of multiple informants, and stability of sleep measures over time.
J Pediatr Psychol
1465-735X (Electronic)
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Biological and physiological variables:
Biological and physiological variables
Symptom status:
Physical state
Functional status:
Cognitive/mental functioning
Physical functioning
Children (0-18)
Codes for special purposes
Mental and behavioural disorders and related symptoms
PRO / non-PRO:
Non-patient Reported Outcome
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
ASHS - Adolescent Sleep Hygiene Scale
ASWS - Adolescent Sleep Wake Scale
BISQ - Brief Infant Sleep Questionary
BRQ - Bedtime Routines Questionnaire
CASQ - Cleveland Adolescent Sleepiness Questionnaire
CSHQ - Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire
CSHS - Children’s Sleep Hygiene Scale
CSWS - Children’s Sleep Wake Scale
DBAS - Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes about Sleep Scale
ESS - Epworth Sleepiness Scale
Family Inventory of Sleep Habits
ISQ - Infant Sleep Questionnaire
PDSS - Pediatric Daytime Sleepiness Scale
PSAS-C - Presleep Arousal Survey for Children
PSQ - Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire
SDSC - Sleep Disturbance Scale for Children
SHS - Sleep Habits Survey
SSQ - Sleep and Settle Questionnaire
SSR - Sleep Self Report
Tayside Children’s Sleep Questionnaire
TDSQ - Teacher’s Daytime Sleepiness Questionnaire