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A review of sinonasal outcome scoring systems - which is best?

Morley, A. D. and Sharp, H. R.
* In patients undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis, there is a lack of a universally accepted system for the evaluation of outcome. * This makes critical comparison between results less meaningful. * To determine the most suitable sinonasal outcome scoring system for use in our own practice, we reviewed the available literature and known systems in existence. * We analysed 15 known disease-specific sinonasal outcome indices with emphasis on reliability, validity and responsiveness. * We concluded by choosing one quality of life outcome tool for our departmental use, the Sinonasal Outcome Test-22, due to its reliability, validity, responsiveness and ease of use. * It has been validated to distinguish between disease-affected patient groups and those without rhinosinusitis, demonstrate a worse score if the condition gets worse and show an appropriateness of items and scales in the questionnaire. This has been demonstrated in 3128 British patients
Clinical Otolaryngology
Publication year:
Symptom status:
Physical state
Functional status:
Physical functioning
Overall quality of life:
Overall quality of life
Adults (18-65)
Children (0-18)
Seniors (65+)
Certain infections and parasitic diseases and related symptoms
Diseases of and symptoms related to the respiratory system
PRO / non-PRO:
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
6 - Clinical rating scales
Cologne Questionnaire
CSS - Chronic Sinusitis Survey
CSSD - Chronic Sinusitis Survey-duration based
CST - Chronic Sinusitis Type Specific Questionnaire
Fairley’s Symptom Questionnaire
Rhinosinusitis Symptom Inventory
RQLQ - Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire
RSDI - Rhinosinusitis Disability Index
RSOM-31 - Rhinosinusitis Outcome Measure-31
RSUI - Rhinitis Symptom Utility Index
SF-36 - 36-item Short Form Health Survey [alias: RAND-36][alias: Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) SF-36]]    |  | also see:
SN-5 - Sinus and Nasal Quality of Life Survey
SNAQ-11 - Sinonasal Assessment Questionnaire-11
SNOT-16 - Sinonasal Outcome test-16
SNOT-20 - 20-Item Sino-Nasal Outcome Test
SNOT-22 - Sinonasal Outcome Test-22
SS - Sinusitis Survey