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Health-related quality-of-life instruments for Alzheimer's disease and mixed dementia

Perales, J., Cosco, T. D., Stephan, B. C., Haro, J. M., and Brayne, C.
BACKGROUND: Over the last 20 years, a number of instruments developed for the assessment of health-related quality of life (HRQL) in dementia have been introduced. The aim of this review is to synthesize evidence from published reviews on HRQL measures in dementia and any new literature in order to identify dementia specific HRQL instruments, the domains they measure, and their operationalization.

METHODS: An electronic search of PsycINFO and PubMed was conducted, from inception to December 2011 using a combination of key words that included quality of life and dementia.

RESULTS: Fifteen dementia-specific HRQL instruments were identified. Instruments varied depending on their country of development/validation, dementia severity, data collection method, operationalization of HRQL in dementia, psychometric properties, and the scoring. The most common domains assessed include mood, self-esteem, social interaction, and enjoyment of activities.

CONCLUSIONS: A number of HRQL instruments for dementia are available. The suitability of the scales for different contexts is discussed. Many studies do not specifically set out to measure dementia-specific HRQL but do include related items. Determining how best to operationalize the many HRQL domains will be helpful for mapping measures of HRQL in such studies maximizing the value of existing resources.
Int Psychogeriatr
1741-203X (Electronic)
Publication year:
General health perceptions / HRQoL:
Health-related quality of life
Adults (18-65)
Seniors (65+)
Diseases of and symptoms related to the nervous system
Mental and behavioural disorders and related symptoms
PRO / non-PRO:
Non-patient Reported Outcome
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
2 - Interviews
6 - Clinical rating scales
7 - Observations
ADRQL - Alzheimer’s Disease Related Quality of Life
AES - Modified Apparent Emotion Scale
BASQUID - Bath Assessment of Subjective Quality of Life in Dementia
CBS - Cornell–Brown Scale for Quality of Life in Dementia
CDQLP - Community Dementia Quality of Life Profile.
DCM - Dementia Care Mapping   
DEMQOL-U and/or DEMQOL-Proxy-U - Dementia Quality of Life questionnaire-U or proxy-U
D-QOL - Dementia Quality of Life instrument
PES-AD - Patient Activity Scale-Alzheimer Disease
QLDJ - Quality of Life for Older People Experiencing Dementia
QOL-AD - Quality of Life in Alzheimer’s Disease
QOLAS - Quality of Life Assessment Schedule
QOL-D - Quality of Life for Dementia
QUALIDEM (+ QUALIDEM German translation)
QUALID - Quality of Life in Late-stage Dementia Scale
Vienna List