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Clinimetrics of measures of oropharyngeal dysphagia for preschool children with cerebral palsy and neurodevelopmental disabilities: a systematic review

Benfer, K. A., Weir, K. A., and Boyd, R. N.
AIM: The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties and clinical utility of objective measures of oropharyngeal dysphagia (OPD) in children with cerebral palsy or neurodevelopmental disabilities aged 12 months to 5 years.

METHOD: Five electronic databases were searched to identify measures of OPD. The Consensus-based Standards for the Selection of Measurement Instruments (COSMIN) Checklist was used to assess psychometric properties and a Modified CanChild Outcome Rating Form was used for clinical utility.

RESULTS: Nine measures of OPD from 27 papers were assessed: the Brief Assessment of Motor Function - Oral Motor Deglutition Scale; the Behavioral Assessment Scale of Oral Functions in Feeding; the Dysphagia Disorders Survey; the Feeding Behaviour Scale; the Functional Feeding Assessment, modified; the Gisel Video Assessment; the Oral Motor Assessment Scale; the Pre-Speech Assessment Scale; and the Schedule for Oral Motor Assessment.

INTERPRETATION: The Schedule for Oral Motor Assessment and the Functional Feeding Assessment, modified, proved to be the strongest measures based on published psychometric properties of validity and reliability. The Schedule for Oral Motor Assessment and the Dysphagia Disorders Survey were found to have the strongest clinical utility. Further studies to test the psychometric properties of existing measures, in particular predictive validity, responsiveness, and test-retest reliability, would be beneficial for selecting an appropriate measure for both clinical and research contexts.
Dev Med Child Neurol
1469-8749 (Electronic)
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Functional status:
Physical functioning
Children (0-18)
Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities and related symptoms
Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified
PRO / non-PRO:
Non-patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
2 - Interviews
4 - Performance-based tests
5 - Videos
6 - Clinical rating scales
7 - Observations
BAMF-OMD - Brief Assessment of Motor Function – Oral Motor Deglutition Scale
DDS - Dysphagia Disorders Survey
FBS - Feeding Behaviour Scale
FFAm - Functional Feeding Assessment, modified
GVA - Gisel Video Assessment
OMAS - Oral Motor Assessment Scale
PSAS - Pre-Speech Assessment Scale
SOMA - Schedule for Oral Motor Assessment