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A Systematic Review of Patient-Rated Measures of Radiodermatitis in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Schnur, J. B., Love, B., Scheckner, B. L., Green, S., Wernicke, A. G., and Montgomery, G. H.
During breast cancer radiotherapy, nearly all patients will experience radiodermatitis. Study objectives were as follows: (1) systematically review the literature on radiodermatitis and breast cancer; (2) summarize and describe patient-rated radiodermatitis measures; (3) determine whether consensus exists regarding subjective radiodermatitis measurement; and (4) provide recommendations for future research. PubMed and CINAHL were searched from their inception through August 2009. Study inclusion and exclusion criteria were: full abstract available, manuscript in English, focused on radiodermatitis resulting from breast cancer radiotherapy, and described a patient-rated empirical assessment of radiodermatitis. Three reviewers examined abstracts, and decisions about inclusion were reached by consensus. Twenty-two of 237 mutually identified studies met selection criteria. Using a standardized abstraction form, 3 authors independently extracted relevant information. Results indicated that (1) only 9% of the studies reviewed included a patient-rated measure; (2) generally, extant scales are very brief and focus almost exclusively on physical reactions, and (3) there is no "gold standard" measure of patient-rated radiodermatitis at this time. We conclude that significantly more research is needed to determine the best (most valid, reliable, sensitive, comprehensive) measure(s) to evaluate the experience of radiodermatitis from the patient's perspective, and that further scale development efforts are needed
Am J Clin Oncol.
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RISRAS - Radiation Induced Skin Reaction Assessment
Self-administered questionnaire that evaluated skin symptoms
Self-rated cosmesis
Skin assessment form-patient observations
Skindex (versions: Skindex-10; Skindex-16; Skindex-17; Skindex-29; Skindex-61; Skindex-Teen)   
Skin reaction questionnaire
STAT - Skin Toxicity Assessment Tool
Subjective ratings based on the Morbidity Rating Scale
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Symptom Profile-adapted version
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VAS - Visual Analogue Scale (versions: vertical; horizontal)