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How to assess common somatic symptoms in large-scale studies: A systematic review of questionnaires

Zijlema, W. L., Stolk, R. P., Lowe, B., Rief, W., White, P. D., Rosmalen, J. G. M., and BioSHaRE
Objective: Many questionnaires for assessment of common somatic symptoms or functional somatic symptoms are available and their use differs greatly among studies. The prevalence and incidence of symptoms are partially determined by the methods used to assess them. As a result, comparison across studies is difficult. This article describes a systematic review of self-report questionnaires for somatic symptoms for use in large-scale studies and recommends two questionnaires for use in such studies.
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Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Publication year:
Symptom status:
Cognitive/mental state
Emotional state
Physical state
Adults (18-65)
Children (0-18)
Seniors (65+)
Mental and behavioural disorders and related symptoms
PRO / non-PRO:
Non-patient Reported Outcome
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
2 - Interviews
6 - Clinical rating scales
4DSQ - Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire   
ASRS - Adult Self Report Scale
BDS Checklist - Bodily Distress Syndrome Checklist;
BSI-6 - Brief Symptom Inventory-6
BSI - Bradford Somatic Inventory
Cambodian SSI - Cambodian Somatic Symptom and Syndrome Inventory
C-PSC - Children's Psychosomatic Symptom Checklist
CSI - Children’s Somatization Inventory
FBL - Freiburger Beschwerden Liste (Freiburg Complaint List)
GBB-24 - Giessener Beschwerdebogen (Giessen Subjective Complaints List)
GSL - Goldberg Symptom List
HEALTH-49 - Hamburger Module zur Erfassung allgemeiner Aspekte psychosozialer Gesundheit für die therapeutische Praxis (Hamburger modules to measure general aspects of psychosocial health for therapeutic practice)
ICD-10 Symptom List - International Classification of Diseases-10 Symptom List
Kellner's SQ
Malaise Inventory
MSPQ - Modified Somatic Perception Questionnaire
NSS - Nonspecific Symptom Screen
Othmer & DeSouza
PHQ - Patient Health Questionnaire (versions: PHQ-2; PHQ-9; PHQ-9 short; PHQ-22; PHQ-8; PHQ-15)
PHQ - Physical Health Questionnaire
PILL - Pennebaker Inventory for Limbic Languidness
PSC-17 (SUNYA) - Psychosomatic Symptom Checklist
PSC-51 - Physical Symptom Checklist-51 items
PSS - Upitnika Psihosomatskih Simptoma (Psychosomatic Symptoms questionnaire)
PVPS - Phan Vietnamese Psychiatric Scale
RPSQ - Recent Physical Symptoms Questionnaire
SCI - Somatic Symptom Checklist Instrument
SCL-90 - Symptom Checklist-90
SCL - Somatic Complaint List
SHC - Subjective Health Complaints Inventory
SOMS - Screening for Somatoform Symptoms (versions: SOMS-7; R-SOMS)
SQ-48 - Symptom Questionnaire-48
SSC - Syrian Symptom Checklist
SSI - Somatic Symptom Index
WHO-SSD - World Health Organization-Screener for Somatoform Disorders
YSR - Youth Self-Report