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Psychometric evaluation of self-report measures of binge-eating symptoms and related psychopathology: A systematic review of the literature

Burton, A. L., Abbott, M. J., Modini, M., and Touyz, S.
OBJECTIVE: Binge eating is a symptom common to bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa (binge/purge subtype), and binge eating disorder. There are many self-report measures available to aid the assessment of eating disorders symptoms, but there has not yet been a systematic review of the literature to identify the most valid and reliable measures for use in assessment and treatment of binge eating.

METHOD: A systematic review of the psychometric properties of self-report measures that assess binge eating symptoms and psychopathology was conducted. Two independent raters assessed the psychometric properties of each measure using a standardized quality analysis tool.

RESULTS: Of the 2,927 studies identified, 72 studies met the inclusion criteria and described the psychometric properties of 29 different self-report measures, and nine specific subscales within these. Results from the quality analysis tool utilized in this study indicated that none of the included measures currently meet all nine criteria of adequate psychometric properties.

DISCUSSION: Most of the included measures had evidence for some adequate psychometric properties. Two measures received six out of nine positive ratings for the assessed psychometric properties, the BITE and the BULIT-R, and thus appear to be the measures with the most evidence of their validity and reliability. Overall, our findings implicate a need for further investigation of the psychometric properties of the available self-report questionnaires in this field.
Int J Eat Disord
Publication year:
Symptom status:
Cognitive/mental state
Emotional state
Physical state
Functional status:
Cognitive/mental functioning
Adults (18-65)
Children (0-18)
Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases and related symptoms
Mental and behavioural disorders and related symptoms
PRO / non-PRO:
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
BCDS - Bulimia Cognitive Distortions Scale
BEDT - Binge Eating Disorder Test
BES - Binge Eating Scale
Binge Scale
BITE - Bulimic Investigatory Test—Edinburgh
BQ - Behaviors Questionnaire
BULIT-R - Bulimia Test—Revised
DEAS - Disordered Eating Attitude Scale
DEBQ - Dutch Eating Disorders Behaviors Questionnaire
EAT-26 - Eating Attitudes Test-26
EDAM - Eating Disorder Assessment for Men
EDBQ - Eating Disorder Belief Questionnaire
ED-CBQ - Eating Disorder Core Belief Questionnaire
EDDS - Eating Disorder Diagnostic Scale
EDEQ - Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire
EDI-3 - Eating Disorder Inventory-3
ELoCS - Eating Loss of Control Scale
EPSI - Eating Pathology Symptoms Inventory
LOCES - Loss of Control over Eating Scale
MAEDS - Multiaxial Assessment of Eating Disorder Symptoms
Q-EDD - Questionnaire for Eating Disorder Diagnosis
QEWPR - Questionnaire on Eating and Weight Patterns—Revised
SEDS - Stirling Eating Disorders Scale
SEED - Short Evaluation of Eating Disorders
SR-YBC-ED - Yale-Brown-Cornell Eating Disorders Scale Self Report Questionnaire
TAQ-ED-R - Testable Assumption Questionnaire—Eating Disorders
TFEQ - Three Factor Eating Questionnaire
TQ - Thoughts Questionnaire