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Methods for objectively assessing clinical masticatory performance: protocol for a systematic review

Elgestad Stjernfeldt, P., Wardh, I., Trulsson, M., Faxen Irving, G., and Bostrom, A. M.
BACKGROUND: Chewing and masticatory function constitutes one of the most important oral health factors that affect quality of life, especially in older individuals. Little consensus currently exists regarding ways to objectively assess clinical masticatory performance (in this context, performance refers an individual's objective ability to mix or comminute food bolus). That said, many methods were developed to assess masticatory performance. Consequently, systematic review of the literature would be of great value when it comes to identifying various methods for objectively assessing clinical masticatory performance and for evaluating these methods.

DESIGN: This study protocol describes a systematic review that intends to (i) identify methods to objectively assess clinical masticatory performance and (ii) evaluate psychometric properties (such as validity and reliability) of the identified methods. A systematic literature search is required to do so in these sources: MEDLINE (Ovid), Embase (, Web of Science Core Collection (Thomson Reuters), Cochrane (Wiley), and Cinahl (Ebsco).

INCLUSION CRITERIA: studies in scientific, full-text articles; development articles; validation articles; studies of the general adult population, ages >/=18.

EXCLUSION CRITERIA: topics and article types that cover interview methods and self-reported questionnaires; methods/instruments that measure subjective masticatory performance; qualitative studies and case studies; opinion and editorial pieces; animal studies; studies of humans with severe oral health complications.

DISCUSSION: This systematic review will result in a comprehensive assessment of various methods designed to objectively measure clinical masticatory performance. This systematic review will rate these methods, assess their reliability and validity, and identify one or more methods that can be recommended for use in clinical and scientific environments. From what is currently known, no systematic evaluation of various methods for objectively assessing clinical masticatory performance has been published.

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