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Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Pruritus: A Systematic Review of Measurement Properties

Schoch, D., Sommer, R., Augustin, M., Stander, S., and Blome, C.
This review aims to systematically evaluate studies on the measurement properties of patient-reported outcome measures in pruritus, especially for use in clinical trials. Validation studies on instruments were identified based on a PubMed literature search. The consensus-based standards for the selection of health status measurement instruments checklist was used to evaluate the studies' methodological quality, and the consensus-based standards for the selection of health status measurement instruments criteria were used to synthesize the instruments' measurement properties. Twenty-three studies were included, which contain 37 examinations of reliability and/or validity for 23 different outcome measures. The methodological quality of reliability and validity evidence was moderate for six outcome measures; for these measures, psychometric property rating was adequate too, making them suitable for use in clinical trials. Itch severity scale, itchy quality of life, numerical rating scale-6, numerical rating scale-11, visual analog scale (horizontal), and verbal numerical rating scale-4 are currently the most appropriate patient-reported outcome measures with regard to overall reliability and validity.
J Invest Dermatol
Publication year:
Symptom status:
Emotional state
Physical state
Functional status:
Role functioning
Social functioning
General health perceptions / HRQoL:
Self-rated health
Adults (18-65)
Children (0-18)
Seniors (65+)
Diseases of and symptoms related to the skin and subcutaneous tissue
PRO / non-PRO:
Patient Reported Outcome
Type of measurement instrument:
1 - Questionnaires
5D Itch Scale - 5 Dimensions Itch Scale
Brief itching inventory
ISS - Itch Severity Scale (versions: ISS-adult; ISS-paediatric)
Itch Duration
Itching Score
Itch Man Scale
ItchyQOL - Itchy Quality of Life
Magnitude Scale
NRS - Numeric Rating Scale (versions: NRS-6; NRS-11; NRS-21)   
Pain-Track (NRS-7)
PBI - Patient Benefit Index (Pt Benefit Form) (versions: PBI-PAD; PBI-Allergic Rhinitis; PBI-M)
Perceptual Matching
Questionnaire for Pruritus Assessment (versions: Sensory scale; Affective scale)
Skindex (versions: Skindex-10; Skindex-16; Skindex-17; Skindex-29; Skindex-61; Skindex-Teen)   
Toronto Pediatric Itch Scale
Uremic Pruritus Questionnaire
VAS - Visual Analogue Scale (versions: vertical; horizontal)   
VNRS - Verbal Numerical Rating Scale (versions: VNRS-4; VNRS-6)
VRS - Verbal (Pain) Rating Scale (versions: VRS-5; VRS-16)